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Personal Growth Classes

Focus more on your desire than on your doubt, and the dream will take care of itself.
– Mark Twain

Reach your Goals with Ease & Joy!

Goals – big and small – give us direction and help us make changes in our lives. If you’ve ever struggled trying to reach your goal or want to feel more joy through the process, this course is for you!

Learn techniques which engage your mind and body thereby unleashing creativity and inspiration. You’ll learn how to step out of your comfort zone with confidence, stay positive and inspired, and turn setbacks into stepping stones. The result: you will experience ease and joy as you reach your goal! 

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Less Stress, More Happiness

Everyone is faced with stresses and challenges in life. When we learn how to manage our reaction to stress, rather than being overwhelmed, we can experience less stress and more happiness!

This course reviews 5 less commonly used techniques to reduce stress. Research has shown that these techniques improve wellbeing. They engage the mind and body, which breaks the stress cycle, allowing you to think more clearly and choose how to respond. The added benefits of these techniques is that they are easy to do, can be done anytime and don’t cost anything.

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